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Good News, Everyone!

After much deliberation, we're kicking off another plot, similar to the one that we had last fall in terms of its reach. Keely and I came up with an idea for a hostage situation that involves some of our most-beloved NPCs: the children. It would involve all of the children that aren't infants, since babies are very hard to take care of, and it's harder to take babies from a daycare than it is to take kids from school. None of the children will be hurt, though, as the hostage takers are on the inexperienced side. You may elect to have them kidnapped or not, depending on the situation and what you'd want for them.

We'd like as many characters as we can get, but you can opt them in or out as you please. If real life's being crap, we understand. We'd like this event to pan out quickly, with hopefully it only taking a week for the main event log to wrap itself up. If we can all post a week that's good for us, we can work out when this stuff's going to go down.

For example: I'll opt Luxord out of the rescue log, and Lexaeus will opt in. Any week is fine for me.

The first post related to this plot has already been posted, and the finer details will reveal themselves with time. If you'd like a full lowdown, message either me or Keely. We're still working out some of the smaller things, but we will let you know as soon as we do!
Thanks for your guys' patience so far while we figured out something!



How strange to come back from hiatus with a drop notice. I'll be dropping Aeris, Lightning and Squall. I don't know when, or if I'll be back. Just to make their leaving a bit easier, I've made up an outro for each person except Squall, because he was so new he doesn't really need one.

Aeris: Due to her pregnancy and raising Celes, Aeris has decided to give up on school for the time being. When things begin to get quiet again, she will take mostly online classes to slowly keep up. Updates on her condition can be found out periodically through Luxord.

Lightning: After a nearly successful attempt on her life by the Unversed gang, Lightning fled into the night. However, she didn't just run away and hide. She went back to Traverse Town and slowly began eradicating the members whenever she could find them. Those she cares about still get letters from her every now and again that say she's doing just fine and usually give some hint on how to bring down the Unversed still in Twilight Town.

So please remove benign_heart , blaze_edge , and mightbealion  from your friendslists. I still look forward to talking to you guys on AIM :3

Activity Check Results!

My apologies for this being so late!

We want to thank you for another successful activity check! I'll be sending out a few PMs in a moment or two, but congratulations! You all made it to see another day at good old TTU!

We do have one Frozen Character who will be frozen until August 11th.


We'll see you all again in a few months for the next AC! Keep up the activity and keep that creativity flowing!


My muse has gotten incredibly difficult to find as of late, for Aeris, Lightning and Squall.

It's pathetic, I know, especially since Lightning and Aeris have SO much CR with lots of characters, but I just can't find any motivation to play as them. I still want to, of course, but it's just getting harder and harder to do it. It's not limited to TTU either! Many of the characters I play in some other games are getting hit hard by this lapse in muses.

Of course, the ones across the board who I want to drop, I can't because destroying the connections I forged for them with others is something I really don't wanna do...

Maybe it's just because it's summer and that's the worst season for creativity or something...

So, I know it's a pain in the ass to post this right during the Activity Check time, but I'm going to be on hiatus for a while. There may be some sporadic posting here and there...

I'm sorry Dx I hope my muse comes back soon so I can get into the mood for RPing them again.

[Official Activity Check Post]

Good afternoon, students!

This is the official announcement that our Activity Check is now underway! A few hours later than the scheduled 9am start time, but a few hours never killed anyone, right?

It begins today, July 16th and will end on July 23rd so that gives everyone a week to get things in order. At the end of the week, we will make a post letting everyone know who passed/failed/is on probation due to lack of participation!

Now we need a few things from you guys!

-Link to your characters latest journal entry.
-Link to the latest log your character has been a part of (either in tltw_university or tltw_logs)

That's it~! We'll also be looking at your comment participation in other journals as well. And please, remember to do this for every character that you have!

Thank you and good luck!
Your Mods
I won't be here much for Monday and Tuesday due to a funeral, so expect a bit of delay for my tags.

Also! Plot ideas for Lightning! I needs them!

And I've been thinking of apping Squall Leonhart. Y/N?

[Activity Check Warning]

Morning everyone!

This is your warning for the upcoming Activity Check that will be coming up, later than expected, within the next few weeks. This check will be taking place from Friday July 16th @ 9am EST and will be over on Friday July 23rd @ 5pm EST. Any activity that occurs between now and that closing date will be counted towards the check, ANYTHING BEFORE TODAY (June 19th) WILL NOT COUNT.

Most of you know how these checks work by now, but just to refresh, on the day the check commences, a post will be put up to state the start of the check, and all you have to do is reply in your character journal (if you have more than one character, pick one journal to post from) and leave links to a recent journal post and a recent log for each of your characters.

So everyone has about three weeks to get themselves ready for the dreaded Activity Check! Leave any questions you may have in a comment to this post. Good luck!

Friend add 6/28

Updating the friends add

Copy and paste this:

listCollapse )

Paste the list here and click 'execute' then you should have automatically friended all members.


Not that it really matters 'cause there's nothing really going on, but I'll be gone from the 17th to 19th~ GOIN' CAMPING IN THE HILL COUNTRY! :D Yay!

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I feel it's best I drop Xion. I apologize to all the characters she interacts with, especially Jenova, Xigbar and Zidane, but I just can't find her muse much anymore. Just like what happened with Yuna, writing for her has become a chore to try and get going. This is startling to me since Lightning and Aeris are still easy for me to get into and post with... D:

So I apologize, but I'm dropping her. Remove her from y'all's friendlists, please. As for the IC reason why she left...not too sure on that one. I haven't been able to come up with that at all.