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Friend add 6/28

Updating the friends add

Copy and paste this:

friend add  h2o_dancer
friend add  blackstar_key 
friend add  marluxia_rose
friend add  memories_erased
friend add  ixarms_reloadxi
friend add  femme_savage
friend add  heart_shines
friend add white_gene01
friend add ttu_moderators
friend add blue_lexicon
friend add cardsstarsdice
friend add benign_heart
friend add sandinthecity
friend add firestarter8
friend add oilycodemonkey
friend add strahflyer
friend add notabunneh
friend add sandstonecowboy
friend add blaze_edge
friend add tantailizer
friend add mightbealion

Paste the list here and click 'execute' then you should have automatically friended all members.