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[Activity Check Warning]

Morning everyone!

This is your warning for the upcoming Activity Check that will be coming up, later than expected, within the next few weeks. This check will be taking place from Friday July 16th @ 9am EST and will be over on Friday July 23rd @ 5pm EST. Any activity that occurs between now and that closing date will be counted towards the check, ANYTHING BEFORE TODAY (June 19th) WILL NOT COUNT.

Most of you know how these checks work by now, but just to refresh, on the day the check commences, a post will be put up to state the start of the check, and all you have to do is reply in your character journal (if you have more than one character, pick one journal to post from) and leave links to a recent journal post and a recent log for each of your characters.

So everyone has about three weeks to get themselves ready for the dreaded Activity Check! Leave any questions you may have in a comment to this post. Good luck!