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How strange to come back from hiatus with a drop notice. I'll be dropping Aeris, Lightning and Squall. I don't know when, or if I'll be back. Just to make their leaving a bit easier, I've made up an outro for each person except Squall, because he was so new he doesn't really need one.

Aeris: Due to her pregnancy and raising Celes, Aeris has decided to give up on school for the time being. When things begin to get quiet again, she will take mostly online classes to slowly keep up. Updates on her condition can be found out periodically through Luxord.

Lightning: After a nearly successful attempt on her life by the Unversed gang, Lightning fled into the night. However, she didn't just run away and hide. She went back to Traverse Town and slowly began eradicating the members whenever she could find them. Those she cares about still get letters from her every now and again that say she's doing just fine and usually give some hint on how to bring down the Unversed still in Twilight Town.

So please remove benign_heart , blaze_edge , and mightbealion  from your friendslists. I still look forward to talking to you guys on AIM :3


Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:41 am (UTC)
:( :(

Awww this is so sad... You know we're all going to miss you to pieces and I'm going to have to harass you on AIM on a regular basis now.

Hope things are all going okay for you in life and I'll talk to you again soon! xxx