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Off Again!

And I'm off again!

I'll be on hiatus starting tonight (Friday 23rd) and I won't be back until the evening of 1st May.

I'm off on vacation, yet again, but this time I'm going to the Costa Del Sol. No internet in the villa I'm staying in, so laptop stays at home. I'm just getting cheeky with these vacations, I know...~

See y'all in a week! :D


AC Results

Apologies for the delay in processing and publishing the results of the Activity Check. This is to let you know that everyone who posted on the AC post has passed the check this time round. The next check will, real life providing, be taking place in late June, so please keep up the good work and the activity between now and then, as we will be monitoring it.

The following characters are currently on the "Frozen Characters" list and cannot be applied for until May 2nd 2010:

Zack Fair
Cloud Strife

Any other characters are up for grabs.

We'll see you all again for the next check in late June, and remember to keep up your good levels of activity. Like we said, we are monitoring those who haven't been as active in the build up to this last check, but we know personal lives do take priority, so feel free to let us know if there's a problem and you need to take a break.

Well done everyone and keep it up!

-The Mods

[Mod Post] Official Activity Check Post

Good Morning students!

This is the official announcement that our Activity Check is now underway! I know it's a day late, but to make up for that, we'll extend it a day. It completely slipped my mind to post this yesterday.

It begins today April 5th and will end on April 11th so that gives everyone a week to get things in order. At the end of the week, we will make a post letting everyone know who passed/failed/is on probation due to lack of participation!

Now we need a few things from you guys!

-Link to your characters latest journal entry.
-Link to the latest log your character has been a part of (either in tltw_university or tltw_logs)

That's it~! We'll also be looking at your comment participation in other journals as well. And please, remember to do this for every character that you have!

Thank you and good luck!
Your Mods

Short haitus

Hey guys,

Just want to let you know that Marluxia, Jenova, Zexion, and Shuyin are going on a haitus starting today until Monday.


Later loves!

OOC thoughts/brainstorm

Alright guys. I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately.  I've just been in a serious rut.

I have no plot ideas or any thing I can think of to do with my characters and it's made me so inactive and unmotivated lately. I'm not even going to get into the IRL bullshit I'm dealing with.

I've also been seriously lost in what's going on with everyone. It probably doesn't help that I don't tend to read the longer entries that the characters mine don't interact with.

Marly, Jenova, Zexion, and Shuyin are sitting next to dormant and I don't like it. I don't want to drop either.

I don't know if anyone else has been likes this lately or if it's just me, but maybe we could sit and plot some things or whatever. Either reply to this or give me a hello on AIM (or whatever messanger you have, I have them all.)

[Mod Post] Activity Check Warning

Hey there everyone!

This is an offical mod note to inform you all there there will be an activity check coming up soon!

And by soon, I mean it will be starting on Sunday, April 4th and ending Saturday, April 10th. You all know how it goes! We'll make a main post and you guys will link us to your latest log and journal activity! Simple, yus?

Mod over and out! And, hey, try not to enjoy your St. Patrick's Day too much!

And yes, I'm too lazy to sign into the Mod Account today!

Drop And Fix It

Hello, everyone! I have an announcement to make regarding the upcoming AC and my dismal activity.

Yes, I know that I've not been nearly active enough; we can't try to sugarcoat it, as I make time for Gaia but just can't seem to get on here. Even before Gaia, I just haven't been active enough... I really ought to be kicked out now for it, it's not fair to other players. I suspect I would be already if you guys weren't all my good friends. :3

Thinking back, I'm noticing a very unfortunate trend: my activity began dipping when I got Cloud, and it steadily accelerated downhill from there. The thing is, I'm just not sure I am or was ready to take care of two muses in one journal. In fact, I know I wasn't.

What I'm trying to say is... I'm going to drop Cloud. Before you start freaking out, I was originally thinking of dropping both him and Vaan, but I realized I just couldn't let Vaan go. It'll be more fair to other potential players this way; Vaan is my baby, but I don't want to squat on Cloud for any longer.

Regarding Vaan, I also have a second proposition. I've been thinking about how I've characterized him, and I realize I don't like it. One bit. I made him out to be the sterotypical gay slut; his character in FFXII isn't like that, and my muse doesn't deserve to be acted out like that either. I'm going to use my most recent hiatus as an excuse; say that he went back to Ivalice, perhaps, and had a life-changing experience. I'll fix him up from there.

Assuming you guys don't want to kick me out right now, I'd like everyone's opinions on this. I don't want to upset my fellow players, but I really have a good feelng about it all.

<3 Grace

Mar. 13th, 2010

Guys! I will not be here in the state Monday through Thursday (going on a fun trip of fun-ness just for Spring Break), so yeah. If you need anything from my muses, I'll try to reply when I can. :3 Won't be on AIM or YIM during those days, but I'll be back on Thursday night though!

If you guessed me, you were WRONG! :D

If you guessed Kibby, you were right. D:

So, yeah, she asked me to talk about it. So here you are. She's working on getting another~ SEND HER HUGS AND CASH!
Guuuyyyssss...for those of you who I haven't told, I'm gonna drop Yuna. I love her and all, but it's just so hard to find a muse for her and write stuff with her. Guess four charas was really too much for me... D:

Her last journal post will be one saying how she's going to Spira to become a summoner. Pilgrimage and things like that...Braska's sent his guardians with her for safety.

So yeah. On Wednesday, make sure you've said your goodbyes before 11pm, as that's when I'd like you guys to remove fayth_summoner from your friendslists. I won't be deleting the journal, just stowing it away just in case I'm able to play Yuna again in the future.

And even though Yuna's going to be off collecting Aeons, Xion, Aeris and Lightning are still up and running!